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Certification Overview

Certification is a strategy an organization can use to achieve its mission, ensure professionalism, adopt and maintain high quality standards of its programmes, structures, processes, policies and relations to deliver superior value to its stakeholders. Certification by Viwango signifies that an organization has demonstrated sufficient implementation of Kenya CSO standards through a process that includes a rigorous assessment on a standard-by-standard basis.

Certification is not an assessment of the quality or impact of a CSO’s development activities. It aims to attest that the CSO is professionally run, has sufficient management capacity, sound systems, policies, accountability structures and linkages. This makes it capable of delivering quality development outcomes, sustaining the impact of its work and providing appropriate stewardship of the resources entrusted to it.

Viwango is not a governmental or regulatory authority. Certification is done against a set of standards that have been developed and agreed among CSOs in Kenya. However, Viwango will endeavour to ensure that certification supports compliance with applicable licensing and regulatory requirements.

Peer review is the central feature of the certification process. The Certification Council is a joint Viwango–CSO advisory body. The individual review is designed to be a collaborative process that allows for on-going exchange between the assessment team and the CSO.


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