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Q: What if a CSO has no money/resources to implement standards,yet the CSO aspires to achieve management standards?

A: Once an organization has been enrolled and taken through Viwango certification, the CSO;-

i. Develops an enhancement plan that can be incorporated in it's resource mobilization as part of sustainability.

ii. Identifies capacity issues with the aim of addressing them and becoming more effective.

Q: Are there charges or is Viwango certification for free?

A: Yes there are charges for the service; the assessment fee is tied to the organization's income whereas the certification fee is fixed.

Q: What happens when an organization is enrolled and doesn't qualify for a certification award?

A: The Viwango Certification process entails developing an enhancement plan that is instrumental in addressing the challenges an enrolled CSO is facing. The enhancement plan ensures the organization grows and improves it's performance.

Q: Is there assurance that there is value addition in enrolling with Viwango?

A: Viwango certification is an initiative driven by various CSO sector players following research with the aim of improving credibility which brings about sustainability. Certification was also settled upon as the care business given that it has worked in other sectors and promotes self awareness. 'Knowledge is power'.





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